Innopitch 2016 – the event for young entrepreneurs

Innopitch - man draws the way to success on a wallAlready the 5th edition of the Innopitch was kept in year 2016. It was an essential part of the Unconvention, as well as the EU Drone Awards. Becoming an entrepreneur is a tough road which requires a lot of courage, sacrifices as well as self-discipline. The idea of the Innopitch is to make this road easier by giving opportunities and connections for the young entrepreneurs. Through this event the young entrepreneurs have a chance to meet Venture Capitalists, build connections, get valuable feedback or even move from their ideas to reality. Innopitch 2016 was a competition for The European Young Innovator 2016 and the top 12 finalists were put through intense mentoring workshops with great leaders. Top 6 finalists were presenting their ideas directly to Europe’s political leaders and business leaders live in the European Parliament. Only by taking part for the Innopitch award competition, young entrepreneurs and innovators across Europe are allowed for this level of access.

The winner of the Innopitch 2016 were EuroComply. They are a team of specialist lawyers who are working to create the best strategy for every client’s data protection programme. EuroComply stands for quality, pragmatism and clarity. They have been working since 2012 on GDPR research, training, and programmes across different industries. Their unique software allows them to work rapidly and efficiently meeting the needs of every customer and carrying out compliance programmes with great detail.

Jury Members of the Innopitch 2016:

  • Bart Becks, the founder of the platform,, to finance and stimulate creativity and entrepreneurs. Becks has experience of being the CEO of Belgacom Skynet, Senior Vice President of SBS Europe, chairman or iMinds, and he has been an advisor and board member in technology and media companies (for example Showpad, and others).
  • Carol Lee, partner in PwC’s Technology Telecom Deals practise. Works now in London focusing on inbound and outbound deal flow of the UK tech sectors.
  • Wouter Remaut, new CEO of the Co.Station, in head of daily management of the Co.Station of Brussels and Gent, and also expected expansion of Co.Station as the main platform for the growing “scale-ups” in Belgium.

Finalists of the Innopitch 2016:

  • Saffe: Mobile payment app with high-class facial recognition technology system. It enables people to receive payments at the point-of-sale only directly with the smartphone. 
    • Founders: André Coelho and Giovani Chiachia. André has many year’s experience in financial market whereas Giovani is experienced computer scientist with the knowledge from IT Management to top-notch computer vision research.
  • Innopitch - woman holding a shining bulbEuroComply: The winners of the competition, mentioned before. Founder is the CEO Emerald de Leeuw, who studied law in multiple Universities and is a lecturer at the Law Society of Ireland.
  • Anumetrics: Research computational science service company which focuses on highly scalable, high impact algorithms serving from small to medium sized businesses driven by data.
    • Team: lead by Konstantinos Krestenitis, a computational academic who is a Doctor of Philosophy in computational mechanics and high performance computing at Durham University.
  • MoleQL: Educational platform for learning chemistry which uses special paper-cards for scanning and amazing 3D animations. MoleQL is developed in cooperation with chemistry teachers.
    • Team: One founder: Roksolana Sliusar, operates mostly with Business Development but also as Finance service specialist.
  • Incluedon: Virtual employment platform which provides remote the jobs for Deaf and disabled people.
    • Founder: Magdalena Slowinska Janowitz, a social entrepreneur, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist and Service Designer.
  • Homepod: Single platform to help the procurement of architectural accessories. Provides better decisions, helps mitigate risks and reduces costs.
    • Founder: Andrei Toma, former telecommunications engineer on Tier1, found his first company in 2011 and was voted in top 100 UK’s most innovative companies.